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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:California, United States of America
★ kousagi ★
✔ Pro Choice
✔ Loves Gay Marriage
✔ Tries her hardest
to be an environmentalist
✔ Believes in Equality
✩ i... ✩
♥ flamingly bisexual. Boys and girls beware, I'm a shameless flirt. ;D
♥ ...think the internet is here for lulz and porn. Don't take the internet or it's NPC's seriously.
♥ ...have my reasons for everything.
♥ at elitist newbiephobes.
♥ all over the place, I won't lie.
✖ ...hate being scrawny.
♥ ...think curves are fucking beautiful.
✖ not find anorexia/bulimia beautiful.
✖ ...Hate the term ~*girl gamer*~. Take your pussy stroking somewhere else.
♥ ...will lol at bitches who get offended over everything. (GROW A PAIR)
♥ ...will lol more when they bitch at me for offending them.
XD ...will lol when they argue. Over the internet. With me. Of all people.
♈ stats ♈
≈ Born 03.23.1989
≈ Aries
≈ Gamer. Not a ~*girl gamer*~. I'm a fucking gamer. Suck my teabag, red team!
✎ scribble ✎
veer & ☞ & ☞ ecenoci ☞

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